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Korbit's award-winning AI tutor will guide you on your personalized data science learning journey as you navigate through projects, videos, practice problems, Python programming exercises and more!

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Powered by advanced AI technologies, Korbit allows you to learn data science in an engaging, interactive, personalized way that has proven to lead to better outcomes than traditional online learning platforms.

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Data science programming exercises in Python

"Without data science, companies can't get full value from data, and there aren't enough data scientists to go around."

Deloitte 2018
Upskilling your team

Enterprise training needs a boost

The three biggest challenges facing Learning and Development (L&D) programs are identifying and assessing skills gaps, personalizing the learning and finding innovative ways to increase engagement (LinkedIn's 2019 Workplace Learning Report). As employee retention is becoming a critical advantage in a competitive market vying for top talent, companies must radically improve their learning programs in order to keep employees engaged and updated with data science skills.

of employees dissatisfied with their current L&D programs
Forbes 2019.10
of employees want individualized training
addressing skills gaps
Forbes 2019.10
of employees consider career growth and opportunity more important than salary
Forbes 2019.08
Our product

The most interactive, personalized learning solution for corporate training in AI and data science

Personalized learning

Begin with an assessment and receive a personalized learning curriculum based on your knowledge level and goals.

AI tutor available 24/7

Learn actively and interactively by chatting with our always-available AI tutor and adjust the contents to your pace.

All the essentials in one

Acquire essential data science knowledge in machine learning, data analysis, Python, statistics, mathematics and related subjects.

Industry-applicable content

Work on unique coding projects and exercises designed to solve real-world problems that you will encounter at work.

How it works

Start learning in just 3 steps

Customize your learning journey

Our award-winning AI will build the right curriculum for you based on your knowledge, goals and time availability.

Study with our AI tutor

Proceed through our exercises and course materials with our conversational AI tutor by your side, available 24/7 to give you personalized feedback and guidance.

Practice with projects

Solidify your new knowledge through projects while our AI tutor continues to assess your progress and needs.

Back by Science

Korbit is built by world-leading academics

Korbit was founded by PhD researchers from the Quebec AI Institute (Mila) and Cambridge University. Given the founding team’s academic focus and data-driven approach, the company is constantly innovating based on experimental insights and rapid iterations. In 2020, Korbit published 2 research papers (Learning Outcomes and Skill Acquisition and Motivation to Learn) in top tier conferences and continues to build strong ties with the academic sector. The studies prove the efficacy of the AI tutor in improving learning gains and motivation.

“Korbit's mission to democratize education is a very important one, and I'm excited to help them achieve this monumental goal!”

Professor Yoshua Bengio
Founder of Mila, 2018 Turing Award Winner
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One of the largest global IT companies embarked on an AI/data science upskilling program for its software developers with Korbit for 4 months, including 600 employees.
of employees prefer learning with an AI tutor over typical online courses
of employees would be interested in taking more courses  with an AI tutor
Higher Engagement
employees showed more engagement compared to typical online courses

Level up your team today with Korbit

Korbit is an award-winning platform for training in AI & Data Science

Career Friendly

Upskill your team with data science and stay competitive

HR Managers

Provide additional opportunities for employee skills development

IT Managers

Equip your team with essential and lastest data science skills

IT Professionals

Transform your career with AI & data science skills


Explore how Deep Learning, Customer Segmentation and other Data Science skills can innovate your industry


Personalize shopping experience with data science


Strengthen risk control and compliance management with AI

Game Development

Incorporate data science to create fully immersive and intelligent games


Improve diagnosis and prognosis accuracy with AI


Expand and reach your customer base with marketing automation


Upskill in data integration and predictive modelling

Experience how Korbit can help you learn
data science 300% more efficiently

Trusted by industry experts

“Korbit can optimize learning experience”

It can teach the materials to the students at their own pace and needs. It can accumulate experience from teaching millions of students in a way that no single teacher could.

Simon Prince
Research Director of Borealis AI (RBC)

”New personalized learning experience”

I’m excited that Korbit is leveraging AI and machine learning to develop a new and more personalized online learning experience for data science.

Kurt Apen
Former CMO of Coursera

“Greatly enjoyable learning experience”

Our team has been upskilling in various topics from fundamental statistics to data modelling with Korbit, and we've greatly enjoyed the personalized learning experience.

Thomas Curran
Head of Data at Mistplay

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Access all in-lecture interactive features: AI-tutor, programming exercises, math equations and much more

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